Feb 16 2020


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


reserved to DL members

Chakra Yin Yoga & Crystal Sound Healing

Unique experience that combines Chakra Yin Yoga with the healing sounds of Crystal bowls & Essential Oils to bring the body, mind & aura back to a state of balance.

The workshop begins with a 75-minute Chakra Yin Yoga session which will focus on the realignment of the 7 chakras and ends with a 15-minute sound bath Savasana that beckon the sweetest savasana of your life.

The vibrational energy of the crystals bowls & Essential Oils will activate and align the Chakra Energy Centers in the subtle, etheric body, through a very gentle and peaceful transmission of Sound Vibration. The high frequencies of Crystalline Energy, and Essential Oils will additionally harmonize the energy body and promote emotional well-being.

Focused on feeling and self awareness, this gentle, slow and respectful workshop of an inner transformation process is ideal for those who wish to live a deep communion with themselves.

Duration of the workshop 90 minutes.

The workshop will be taught in French.

The event is finished.